FILIAS - Custom Built-in Humidor Design
Custom built-in humidor system in library wet bar
Custom built-in humidor
system in library wet bar
For more information on how we can make your cigar storage dream a reality, email or call 207-363-3661.
a uniquely new and distinctive approach to satisfying the demands of the discriminating cigar smoker. Transform any built-in cabinet, under-counter or in-wall space, or free-standing piece of furniture into a state-of-the-art electronically controlled cigar humidor and storage area.

  • Truly custom to your space and style.

  • No unsightly “retrofit” black boxes here. Filias systems are completely custom and seamlessly designed and hidden in the space.

  • Technology that is accurate to within +/- 1% R.H.

Individual components pictured are subject to change without notice and will not affect the aesthetics or functionality of installed system.
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